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Site Proposals document

Representation ID: 14833

Received: 20/03/2018

Respondent: Reedham Parish Council


Reedham Parish Council would like to see any new development include:
Low cost, affordable homes for 20-30 year olds
Bungalows for older residents to downsize into
Wardened housing provision for those that need extra assistance
An upgrade to the current sewerage system
Additional infrastructure considerations to the increase in traffic volumes, Primary School places and increased pressure on the doctor's surgery

Full text:

The Parish Council would like to see an inclusive inter-generational development for Reedham. A fair mix of house types to include low cost, reasonably affordable starter homes for local 20 to 30 year olds and bungalows for older residents to enable both ends of the house-owning spectrum to remain in the village. Ideally the Parish Council would also like a wardened dwelling/development for those that need a little more assistance but want to stay in their community.
Consideration of school provision, access/availability at the doctor's surgery and an increase in traffic volumes also needs to be included in any planning permission for a new development. The Parish Council is particularly concerned that the current sewerage system could not cope with many more houses and an upgrade be considered before any new houses be granted planning permission.