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Site Proposals document

Representation ID: 19767

Received: 14/12/2018

Respondent: Salhouse Parish Council


We would object to this on the grounds that: (1) there would be an adverse visual impact on the
setting of the Salhouse Conservation Area which adjoins the site on two sides (in contravention of
Conservation Area policies); (2) there would be an adverse impact on the historic setting of Salhouse
Hall, a Grade II listed building; (3) there would be an adverse impact on the historic setting of Hall
Drive and the Coach Drive, both parts of the historic setting of Salhouse Hall and the Conservation
Area; (4) the site would occupy an area of high landscape value.
Does not comply with policy H1 of Salhouse Neighbourhood Plan
Some small scale development along Norwich Road might be acceptable, although this might be
considered 'ribbon development'. The lack of any detail of the scale or type of development make it
impossible to comment further.

Full text:

Salhouse PC previously submitted comments on the sites put forward in the 2016 'Call for Sites' consultation. These comments submitted in January 2017 still stand and are attached for reference.

Two changes have occurred since early 2017. First, our previous comments included references to the Draft Salhouse Neighbourhood Plan, which was subsequently adopted in July 2017. Second, since March 2018, the land supply in Broadland District has been calculated at more than 5 years.

Salhouse PC believes that the 'Call for Sites' process is fundamentally flawed, in that it encourages opportunistic offers of sites instead of being plan-led. A further local concern is that the services infrastructure (particularly mains water and electricity and sewerage) in Salhouse is in a very poor state. No additional housing development should be considered without these services being completely upgraded to meet the extra demand.

Although there are no new sites listed for the Parish of Salhouse in the latest 2018 submissions, there are sites in adjacent parishes which approach very closely to Salhouse's boundaries, raising the prospect of continuous housing from Norwich to Salhouse is all the options were taken up.

See attachment for full details of submission.