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Site Proposals document

Representation ID: 13686

Received: 08/03/2018

Respondent: Christopher Hewitt


Good for industrial use, but only in conjunction with site 0142.

Full text:

This site is ideally suited to the extension of Tharston Industrial Estate, but only if adjacent site 0142 is also developed for employment uses, as that site could provide a second access into the Industrial estate and reduce traffic (especially HGVs) along the narrow section of Chequers Rd between its junctions with Flowerpot Lane and Santareen Road. Those two sites together represent an ideal opportunity to extend the industrial estate whilst improving traffic flow and protecting the quality of life for residents if the Suffield Close development (and any residential development on site 0201). However, allowing development of site 0272 without allocating site 0142 for similar use would create unacceptable additional traffic pressure along Chequers Rd toward the entrance to Santareen Road. This is especially the case if site 0201 is developed for residential use (which is the ideal use for that site) as the narrow section of Chequers Road also lacks a footpath on the eastern side, with pedestrians needing to cross from east to west and back again in order to walk north-south along Chequers Road. A new footpath on the eastern side of Chequers Road would be a useful enhancement for any development along Chequers Road.