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Site Proposals document

Representation ID: 13690

Received: 08/03/2018

Respondent: Christopher Hewitt


Mixed use may be better.

Full text:

This site may be suitable for residential use, given its frontage to Stratton Road. However, if sites 0142 and 0272 are developed for commercial uses (which is sensible) then this site would be better suited to that use. Indeed, the three sites together would represent an excellent opportunity to extend the Tharston Industrial estate and could provide an additional entrance to the estate from Stratton Road (and improve visibility for the industrial estate to through traffic). Sensitive design to the Stratton Road frontage would be required, however, although much of the resultant commercial buildings would be screened from view by an existing tree belt. A mix of residential (fronting onto Stratton Road) and commercial use (behind) may be the optimal use for this site, and (in conjunction with sites 0142 and 0576) would probably remove any need for site 0201 to carry any commercial development at all, which would be the optimum solution for both uses in this area of the district.