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New, Revised and Small Sites

Representation ID: 19223

Received: 07/12/2018

Respondent: Broads Authority


Site is adjacent to Broads boundary which is formed by the River Wensum here. The site is a major mixed use development dating from the 1980s, but which has a poor relationship with the river. There are opportunities here to improve the relationship and the public realm. Unlikely to impact in heritage term.

There are opportunities here to improve the relationship between the development, river and and the public realm. Virtually the entire site has turned its back on the river and the public realm has suffered as a consequence. This could be enhanced significantly by working with the developer and the City Council. Opportunity for interpretation exists both of the river frontage and historic uses but also Kings street and the numerous listed Merchants houses and their relationship with the River.

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New, Revised and Small Sites

Representation ID: 19405

Received: 14/12/2018

Respondent: Norwich Green Party


We support more intensive use of Riverside especially for new housing with low levels of car parking.

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From Cllr Denise Carlo on behalf of Norwich Green Party City Group

We support in principle the redevelopment of parts of Riverside at a higher density, depending on the type of development, its height, mass and transport arrangements. The site occupies a sustainable location next to the railways station and within easy walking distance of the city centre and yet it is dominated by road and car parking infrastructure and generates a substantial amount of traffic which gives rise to congestion, pollution and road safety problems.

We are particularly keen to see redevelopment of the extensive surface car parking for housing (to include affordable housing), served by the minimum amount of car parking, with access to car club vehicles as part of the planning conditions.

Riverside has currently little greenery even though the site lies adjacent to the River Wensum and so as part of any redevelopment, we wish to see the delivery of more greenery in the form of green roofs, walls and soft surface landscaping and tree planting.