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New, Revised and Small Sites

Representation ID: 19279

Received: 14/12/2018

Respondent: Pulham Market Parish Council


We do not support the two newly submitted sites, we support GNLP 1024 (Ladbrookes, Tattlepot Road) and GNLP 0166 (Gosmore, Colegate End Road) as detailed in our representation.

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Any development, if granted, would be on open countryside along a very narrow country lane. The proposed development is large scale and far beyond the needs of the village. It is puzzling to note the differing GNLP assessment of this site and site GNLP 4018 on the opposite side of Mill Lane.

If Pulham Market is considered suitable for development the Parish Council would wish to see a maximum of 10 new dwellings. Having visited each site,
our preferred sites would be:

GNLP 1024 (Ladbrookes, Tattlepot Road)
This site is located next to the proposed Sycamore Farm development opposite houses in Julian's Way. This is on the main road to the village and there are two further properties to the west. There are already two points of access from this site onto the road.

GNLP 0166 (Gosmore, Colegate End Road)
This proposed site is on an existing residential site and could lend itself to an appropriate size development. The site has buildings to either side of it, there is existing access to the site.


New, Revised and Small Sites

Representation ID: 19331

Received: 12/12/2018

Respondent: Durrants Ltd


With respect to both site references GNLP2095 and GNLP2096, the applicant welcomes the Council's decision that the sites represent suitable sites for future residential development within the village of Pulham Market.. We would stress that there are no fundamental constraints or impacts that cannot be mitigated through the subsequent application and development process. The sites represent an opportunity to provide much needed housing at a proportionate scale and within a location that would support the nearby facilities within the village whilst also minimising wider landscape and townscape impacts. We would therefore welcome your support for the inclusion of the above site in the merging local plan.

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