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Representation ID: 18036

Received: 07/12/2018

Respondent: Framingham Earl Parish Council


To summarise the residents and Framingham Earl Parish Council have grave concerns with regards to access, safety, increases in traffic and isolation from local services.

Full text:

This site causes grave concerns to the residents and Framingham Earl Parish Council. This site is totally outside the building boundary of Framingham Earl. The site is too isolated from local services like the shops, doctors and schools. It is stated in the GNLP that access to schools "should be within 2 miles of SAFE walking facilities". This is clearly not the case for this site. It can be over 2 miles to get to the B1332 using Burgate Lane and Hall Road, certainly not safe walking distance for anyone, let alone people with children walking to school along narrow windy unpaved lanes and having to do it 4 times a day. Therefore those journeys would be made by car adding yet more traffic to these narrow lanes. These are all narrow single track lanes totally unsuited and unable to cope with any further increases in traffic. There is no safe cycle route or pavements as the site is on a very narrow rural lane, near a blind bend.

Framingham Earl Parish Council - 07/12/18

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