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New, Revised and Small Sites


Representation ID: 17019

Received: 12/11/2018

Respondent: Carleton Rode Parish Council


An application for this site was refused previously by Parish Council and South Norfolk Council. In 2014 an appeal was rejected by a Planning Inspector. Parish Council considers that that decision should remain and the site not taken forward for possible development. Parish Council objects on ground of landscape impact, proximity of listed buildings and low levels of infrastructure support and amenities. Two other sites [GNLP 0438 and 0349] have more than doubled the number of dwellings proposed for those areas.

Full text:

At their November meeting, Carleton Rode Parish Council resolved to oppose the inclusion of site GNLP 2086 [land south of Faxlands Road] as a potential site for development in the Local Plan.

The Parish Council and South Norfolk Council opposed a previous application for development at this site [2012/0863/F]. The Council believes that decision and the reasons for it remain valid. In February 2014 a Planning Inspector rejected a subsequent planning appeal. The Parish Council continues to support that decision.

Other reasons for opposing the proposal [GNLP 2086] are the constraints relating to the site which include impact on the landscape, the proximity of several listed buildings, and low levels of infrastructure support and amenities.

Other sites have been promoted for consideration within the new Local Plan - GNLP 0438 for 11 dwellings and GNLP 0439 for 10 dwellings, a total of 21 dwellings. These two sites were identified previously as sites for a total of 10 dwellings so the village's potential development for new dwellings has more than doubled.

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