Draft Local Plan-Part 2 Site Allocations

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Draft Local Plan-Part 2 Site Allocations


Representation ID: 22098

Received: 13/03/2020

Respondent: Quantum Land

Agent: Barton Willmore


In the “site assessment booklet for Brundall”, site GNLP0436 is land to the east of Links Avenue and the Memorial Hall. This site is subject to an on-going appeal. The site was recommended for approval by planning officers (July 2019). The committee report notes that no technical objections were received and Norfolk County Council and Highways England raised no objection to the scheme. No heritage or landscape concerns were identified. It was noted that significant benefit would be derived from the scheme for green infrastructure, including formal and informal open space, and habitat creation and enhancement of biodiversity. Planning committee refused the application, principle on the basis of a lack of need for additional housing, since they considered they could show a 5YHL supply. The appeal will be heard in April 2020 and a decision is expected by the end of June 2020.
It is noted that the assessment booklet confirms, under Stage 5, that the site is a “reasonable alternative” for “up to 250 dwellings, open space, recreation and leisure uses”.
Under Stage 6, “Detailed assessments of reasonable alternatives”, it is noted that the application is (it has now been) to go to planning committee with a likely recommendation to approve.
Under Stage 7, it is said:
“After further consideration, there are no sites preferred for allocation in the Brundall cluster. There remain high levels of existing commitments which are as yet undeveloped, and it has not been possible to find ways to overcome infrastructure constraints, including access to the A47. These constraints are considered to limit the potential for additional housing at this stage, meaning there are no reasonable alternative sites either.”
Cleary this is not the case in respect of Brundall. Site GNLP0436 is technically acceptable.

Full text:


We write on behalf of Quantum Land (Brundall) Ltd in respect of both the above consultation documents. We have an interest in Land off of Links Avenue to the East of the Memorial Hall, Brundall. The site is capable of delivering 175 C3 dwellings and 10ha of formal and informal open space. The site is subject to an undetermined appeal and an officer recommendation to approve

We object to the emerging Local Plan on the grounds that the spatial strategy is not reasonable, since it does not reflect the sustainability credentials of the settlement hierarchy by not allocating sufficient dwellings to Main Town Centres and Key Service Centres. There is too much growth focused on inferior village cluster settlements.

We object to the emerging Site Plans because no sites are allocated to Brundall and site GNLP0436 is not allocated.

We consider that less housing should be allocated to village clusters and Brundall should have housing allocations proposed for it. This should include a new allocation of 175 dwellings and associated open space with the inclusion of site GNLP0436.

Please find attached full submission


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