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Draft Local Plan-Part 2 Site Allocations


Representation ID: 22013

Received: 16/03/2020

Respondent: The Woodland Trust


The Woodland Trust is concerned about site allocation GNLP0132 (Land off Blue Boar Lane/Salhouse Road White House Farm) which has been included in the GNLP Sites Plan, as this could lead to the damage of an ancient woodland known as Bulmer Coppice.

Site allocation GNLP0132 is identified for large scale development, and as such the minimum 15m buffer recommendation would not be effective in ensuring that the ancient woodland within the site is not affected by potential future development. The Trust would generally recommend a 50 metre buffer to the ancient woodland for a development of this scale, subject to detailed proposals including site layout.

The Trust is concerned about the potentially adverse impacts that the proposed site allocation GNLP0132 will have in relation to an area of ancient woodland known as Bulmer Coppice. Ancient woodland should not be included in areas that are allocated for development, whether for residential, leisure or community purposes as this leaves them open to the impacts of development.
The Woodland Trust objects to the inclusion of this site allocation in the GNLP Sites Plan, as it is likely to cause damage to an area of ancient woodland within its boundaries. For this reason we believe the site is unsound and should not be taken forward. Secondary woodland should also be retained to ensure that ecological networks are maintained and enhanced.

(See attached for full submission)

Full text:

Please find attached the Woodland Trust’s comments on the Greater Norwich Local Plan Sites Plan.


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