Draft Local Plan-Part 2 Site Allocations

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Draft Local Plan-Part 2 Site Allocations


Representation ID: 20925

Received: 14/03/2020

Respondent: Loddon Parish Council


This representation is made on behalf of Loddon Parish Council. Amendments to Policy GNLP0312 are proposed which are considered reasonable, deliverable and directly related to the proposed development. It is also requested that Hopkins continue and undertake meaningful engagement with Loddon Parish Council and community as the proposals mature.

Full text:

Loddon Parish Council would like to make the following representations to draft Policy GNLP0312: Land East of Beccles Road.
Loddon Parish recognise and welcome the early engagement undertaken by Hopkins Homes. It is requested that this engagement continues in a proactive and meaningful manner with Loddon Parish Council and the community at key stages of the sites’ promotion, pre-application scheme development, proposed application scheme and during the consideration of any associated planning application.

POLICY GNLP0312 Land to the east of Beccles Road Loddon (approx. 7.70 ha) is allocated for residential development. This site is likely to accommodate at least 180 homes, 33% of which will be affordable.
More homes may be accommodated, subject to an acceptable density, design, layout and onsite open space and soft landscaping being achieved and any onsite and offsite infrastructure issues addressed.
The development will be expected to address the following specific matters:
• Two points of vehicular access to be provided into the site.
• Areas of surface water flooding on the Beccles Road boundary to be addressed:
• Design and layout must address the topography of the site and potential impact on views.
• The trees/hedgerows surrounding the site will be protected, enhanced and incorporated into the scheme.
• The design and layout of the scheme must consider amenity impacts relating to the nearby business area.
• Provision of controlled pedestrian crossing point(s) on Beccles Road
• Highway capacity and safety improvement(s) to the A146/ Beccles Road junction.
• Off-site financial contribution(s), secured by Section 106 Agreement, towards new or improving existing community facilities within Loddon. Such facilities to be identified through discussions and agreement with Loddon Parish Council.


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