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Site Proposals document

Representation ID: 16721

Received: 22/03/2018

Respondent: Nigel Hannant

Agent: Lanpro Services Ltd


[See attached submission for full detail including Growth Options comments]
The promoter does not consider that the site is remote from village services as indicated in the HELAA. Highways concerns over the practicality of creating a suitable access can be addressed and a technically compliant access is achievable. Development would not affect designated landscapes and any impact can be mitigated by supplementary planting. Site is best placed of those in Morley provide a small scale 30 dwelling allocation for the service village which could also deliver a footpath link to Wymondham College as well as affordable housing for local people.

Full text:

[Site conclusions as below - see attached submission document for full detail]
Site Ref GNLP0356
The site was submitted as part of the Call for Sites process and was given a high level assessment as part of the Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (HELAA).
The HELAA raised concern that the site was poorly related to the built up area of the village. However, the site immediately abuts garden ground on its northern boundary and is directly opposite two substantial detached dwellings. We do not consider that it is remote from village services and facilities, as has been demonstrated on the attached site context plan.
The Highway Authority also highlighted that there may be issues with gaining a suitable access onto the site. We have considered this matter and believe that a technically compliant access can be obtained onto Golf Links Road.
The site has the potential to offer a range of delivery options. It is our opinion that of the sites put forward to provide housing at Morley it presents the best opportunity to build out a small scale development of 0.5ha or to provide for the total housing allocation for the service village. The larger the allocation the greater the benefits that can be provided to the village, the landowners have already confirmed that they would provide for a permanent footpath along the site boundary to replace the permissive path which they have created for children walking from the village to Wymondham College.
An allocation of circa 30 dwellings would allow for a greater contribution to be obtained for highway improvements and may facilitate the provision of a footpath/trod from the college to the village centre.
A larger allocation would also allow for affordable housing to be provided in a rural settlement which has not previously been able to deliver that type of benefit. The affordable housing could benefit a range of local people trying to find a route to home ownership, including key workers at the college.
The site is not within any designated landscape area and the existing boundary planting could be supplemented to mitigate against any potential negative impacts on wider views from the surrounding countryside. The site also has sufficient land area to provide for policy compliant levels of open space.
The landowners are local residents and would prefer to have an allocation of up to 30 dwellings as they can understand that this would provide for the greatest amount of benefits to the local community.
However, if the GNLP assessments/process determines that the housing allocations for the Morley area is to be distributed amongst sites then they are still prepared to take forward a smaller allocation within the plan period.
The site is under one ownership and is a deliverable, available and viable option for a housing allocation. There are no known constraints regarding ecology, flood risk, contamination or archaeology.