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Site Proposals document

Representation ID: 15440

Received: 21/03/2018

Respondent: Scole Parish Council


Premature and prejudicial to the nascent Diss & District Neighbourhood Plan. Proposed housing density too high, access poor and site rejected on a previous occasion.

Full text:

A decision on this site is considered premature and prejudicial to the Diss & District Neighbourhood Plan (in which Scole Parish is included), which will seek to allocate sites across the Plan Area according to local need as well as viability and connectivity to transport links and services. Comments on this site are made without prejudice to the above and are to formally note any planning or other reasons that should be taken into future consideration.
Scole Parish Council feels that:
1) The proposed housing density is not commensurate with a village environment, especially considering how close to the required land supply the region is.
2) Access to the site is problematic, being onto the exceedingly busy Bungay Road, a well used rat-run to avoid the A140/A143 roundabout.
3) This site has been rejected on a previous occasion.