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New, Revised and Small Sites

Representation ID: 17623

Received: 02/12/2018

Respondent: mr william potter


Objection due to flood risk, impact to the look of the village, increase in volume of traffic on small road and a lack of access to the site

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I object to the proposed planning permission for this plot of land for the following reasons
1. The Street is already at risk to extreme flooding, and the fire brigade were called out at least once this year to stop flood water going into houses. Building on this land would cause greater run off and increase the risk of flooding!
2. Building on this arable land will have the greatest visual impact on the village. It will completely change the look of the village from the main road and will make a drastic change on the typical English county village to look like urban sprawl
3. This plot of land is a wildlife oasis, with barn and tawny owls using it as regular hunting grounds as well as many others , including deer
4. It is of archaeological interest, with numerous metal detector finds in this area, including a Medieval pottery sherd
5. Road safety should also be considered, as the access is onto a very small narrow road that cannot be expanded, and the traffic coming out could potential increase the likelihood of road accidents.


New, Revised and Small Sites

Representation ID: 19362

Received: 13/12/2018

Respondent: Durrants Ltd


With respect to both site references GNLP2100 and GNLP2130, the applicant welcomes the
Council's comments that the sites represent suitable sites for future residential development within
the village of Woodton, but acknowledge that for the purposes of the HELAA they cannot double
count the amount of available land and hence the overall conclusions for the sites.

We would stress that there are no fundamental constraints or impacts that cannot be mitigated through the subsequent application and development process. The sites represent an opportunity to provide much needed housing at a proportionate scale and within a location that would support the nearby facilities within the village whilst also minimising wider landscape and townscape impacts. We would therefore welcome your support for the inclusion of the above site in the emerging joint local plan.

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